Rumble Sues Google for Antitrust Violations, Propping up YouTube in Search Results

Free speech video streaming service Rumble filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Monday, citing the Silicon Valley monopoly for anti-competitive practices and propping up YouTube in search results. Google is YouTube’s parent company.

Rumble is accusing Google of all-but exclusively favoring YouTube content in its search results. Google raked in a whopping 88% of search engine market share in October 2020, a monopoly that would make Standard Oil jealous.

Rumble accuses Google of willfully burying its content in search results, even when users expressly search for Rumble.

These practices include Google rigging its search algorithms purposefully and unlawfully to always give preference to Google’s YouTube video-sharing platform over Rumble (and other platforms) in Google search results, such that the Google search page result for online videos lists links to the YouTube site as the first search results, even if the search specified Rumble, such as “dog videos on rumble.””

Google also forces YouTube as a preinstalled app on Android smartphones, creating a de facto universal internet streaming service with no genuine competition.

View Rumble’s full civil complaint against Google here.

Rumble allows considerably more political and controversial speech on its platform, differing greatly from a vision of sterile neoliberal political correctness favored by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

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