Rural Democrats Get Angry With Biden Regime Over Gun Legislation

Democrats in rural areas have become increasingly incensed by a measure the Biden regime is pushing that would prevent a significant amount of federal dollars from being allocated to school archery and hunting programs. 

This is thanks to gun control legislation that President Joe Biden signed into law back in the summer of 2022. The passage of this gun control legislation was the most significant legislative act passed in nearly three decades. 

What has specifically angered rural Democrats is a guidance that the Department of Education issued that would bar federal dollars from going towards school archery and hunting programs.   

The guidance made Democrats in red states angry. These programs are incredibly popular in red states nationwide. On top of that, this guidance angered Republicans who helped forge the gun control legislation. Both aggrieved parties argued that the Education Department misinterpreted Congress’ intent and that the Biden regime has demonstrated scant willingness to tackle the issue.

“The Department of Education is just over their skis on this and has not been channeling congressional intent,” stated New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich. The agency “has been more than a little tone-deaf on this and not as responsive as I would like to see.”

The dispute demonstrates some intraparty factionalism between centrists who still nominally believe in the Second Amendment and the progressive wing of the party that wants to pursue radical civilian disarmament policies.

In addition to Heinrich, other Democrats who signed on to a recent letter calling on the Education Department to reconsider its interpretation of the law consist of Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, and Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey.

All of these Democrats will be facing re-election in 2024. Montana Senator Jon Tester faces similar electoral constraints and as a result has put forward a bipartisan bill to bring back the funding, which he expects will be tacked on to a government spending bill. He declared that the “has this one flat-out wrong” and criticized “D.C. bureaucrats who don’t understand rural America.”

Under the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, schools are prohibited from using a certain pot of federal education dollars — money from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 — “for the provision of or training in the use of a ‘dangerous weapon.’”

All in all, certain forms of gun control and broader anti-gun policies are unpopular with large swathes of the American population. Pro-gun sentiments still run deep across America. In turn, certain gun control measures will be tough to pass.

Nevertheless, the fight to preserve our rights and even restore previously lost freedoms is far from over. We must continue being vigilant and active in promoting our pro-gun policy agenda.

It’s the best way to guarantee the full-fledged restoration of gun rights.

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