Rural Rhode Island Towns Revolt Against Gun Control

6 rural towns in Western Rhode Island are revolting against the state’s gun control status quo.

These rural towns are flirting with the idea of declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuary communities. In other words, these will be places where gun rights won’t be infringed no matter what gun control state lawmakers pass.

These resolutions resemble the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances that started in Oregon and have spread across to other states such as Maryland and New Mexico.

The Providence Journal reports Burrillville was the first town to pass such a resolution in the past month. On Monday, May 8, 2019, the Hopkinton Town Council passed a similar resolution on a 3 to 2 vote.

Council member Scott Bill Hirst said, “The Second Amendment is not a suggestion. It’s guaranteed, like freedom of the press, freedom of assembly.”

Hirst added, “We have a degree of arrogance from state leaders … and I’m going to proudly vote to defend the Second Amendment.”

The council member’s words brought cheers from gun rights advocates in the room.

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo recently unveiled a package of gun control bills that would ban so-called “assault weapons”, impose magazine capacity limits, and ban guns on or near school grounds, with the exception of those carried by law-enforcement officers.

The towns of Glocester, Richmond, Foster, and West Greenwich are also floating these kinds of measures around. Interestingly, the Providence Journal notes that these towns voted for Donald Trump.

After Burrillville’s unanimous vote in favor of Second Amendment sanctuary resolution, State Senator Elaine J. Morgan encouraged the five towns she represents (Hopkinton, Charlestown, Exeter, Richmond and West Greenwich) to follow suit in passing these resolutions.

In a letter, Morgan said “I swore an oath when taking office to protect and uphold our Constitution from any infringements.” She noted that “any gun-control laws that infringe upon the constitutional right to keep and bear arms will not be enforced.”

Governor Raimondo declared that if her gun control bills pass, she expects the entire state of Rhode Island to “follow the law, and the state police will enforce that law.”

The national gun control nullification campaign grows larger by the day.

Liberty Conservative News reported how it’s one of the fastest growing battlegrounds for the Second Amendment movement in 2019.

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