Rural RINO Faces 4-Way Primary After Memorializing Muslim Holidays

Even in rural Texas, RINOs roam. But they don’t roam free, as State Representative Glenn Rogers is finding out. Primaries across red America are exposing Republicans who discard their constituents and bow to Democrat pressure.

Texas Rep. Glenn Rogers (R-Mineral Wells) is facing not one, but three Republican opponents in the May 24 primary. That’s a very healthy thing. The incumbent Rogers has only been in office for one term and already ranks in the bottom quarter of the GOP on the Texans for Fiscal Responsibility’s scorecard.

But the primary race isn’t just about fiscal responsibility. It’s about something even more fundamental. Posed as a question, the core issue at hand might be, how exactly should Republicans govern in the face of relentless Democrat narrative-policing?

That really gets at the heart of the definition of a RINO, a Republican in Name Only. They inevitably bend to the will of Democrats, even if it means their constituents suffer.

Take for instance House Bill 1231, which aims to treat Islam’s two official holidays Eid-al-Adha and Eid-al-Fitr as on par with Good Friday. This bill was introduced by Democrat State Rep. Joe Moody, who has spent years calling his Republican colleagues hateful and racist. HB 1231 passed last year. 

Of course, RINO Rogers supported HB 1231. He fears being labeled a bad guy by his opposition! Too many Republicans do. But the voters are increasingly aware of this game the Democrats play, and they don’t want their leaders to play along anymore.

Bills calling for special holiday recognition or other virtue-signaling have long been effective for the political Left. There’s no other purpose for bills like these than to pin down the Republican Party to the leftist agenda. From there, leftist rule is only paused or slowed down by the typical RINO, rather than challenged or rolled back.

RINO Rogers also voted to uphold the ban on citizens being present at committee hearings at the state capitol. Not allowing in-person attendance not only keeps out those with poor internet connections, but also prevents public testimony from those unequipped with a microphone or camera. Why shut out these voices that may very well have been natural supporters of his re-election?

During the same session, RINO Rogers voted in favor of Democrat-controlled committee chairmanships despite their party being in the minority of the legislature. This is not magnanimity but political suicide. Democrats used their chairmanships to kill several conservative bills without a proper vote.

It can’t be stressed enough that grassroots patriots need to watch their Republican representatives closely, even in seemingly deep-red areas. Whether it’s cowardice or naivete, RINOs are more comfortable being passive than politically courageous. But only courage can save the GOP and for that matter the country, so who’s going to show some? 

Republican primaries must be about how to flip the tables on the Democrats. Winning by their rules will always be a pyrrhic victory.

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