Rush Limbaugh Gives Cancer Treatment Update: “Chemotherapy Working”

Longtime conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh had a positive update to give his listeners on the treatment of his stage IV lung cancer on Friday, stating that his chemotherapy program is yielding positive results.

Rush was diagnosed with cancer in January. He returned to the airwaves Friday after taking several days off to focus on his medical treatment. He recounted his experience with experimental chemo treatment, stating that he had been prescribed drugs used for a clinical trial involving patients with his rare form of lung cancer.

Limbaugh stated that four weeks of the treatment regimen are going “great,” and that the experimental chemo program “is working.

Rush is taking a temporary break from the clinical medication regimen, describing taking steroids to recover from the regimen’s side effects.

I guess it got bad enough last Monday or whatever that we had to pull the treatment. We had to pull the treatment, and it was going to be just temporary for a week or two to see what would happen. I’m now taking drugs, steroids, to reverse the effects of the chemo drug.”

By no means do Rush’s comments infer that he will have an easy path to recovery, but certainly even the most measured of good news will come as a relief to the radio icon’s listeners. Rush was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the most recent State of the Union address, shortly after he announced the news of his cancer diagnosis.

Millions of the radio icon’s longtime listeners will continue to pray and hope fervently for his full recovery.

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