Rush Limbaugh Says “Hell No!” to Red Flag Gun Confiscation

On August 6, 2019, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh came out against red flag gun confiscation orders.

Several Republicans such as Lindsey Graham and Dan Crenshaw have thrown their support behind such legislation.

Even President Trump declared that he is willing to sign this proposal into law.

However, Rush isn’t having it.

He described red flag laws as “a law which would allow law enforcement to identify a deranged individual before he goes out and shoots. In other words, you could apprehend somebody before they do it if they exhibit red flag-type behavior, like if they’re mentally ill or if they’ve attended a Trump rally, or who knows what it would be.”

Limbaugh then proclaimed that red flag laws are a “pipeline to gun control.”

He views this scheme as a way for the Left to “incrementally” get what they want, which is law-abiding gun owners’ firearms.

Who could oppose that, see? “Who could oppose the mentally ill not getting guns? “If it takes a red flag law to do it, Limbaugh, then we gotta support it — and, if you don’t agree with this, it just means you’re too big of a… You’re just.. You’re just… You’re just not flexible enough, Limbaugh!” That’s what people will say. Now, it’s a Democrat idea, which is its first disqualifier to me. It means it sucks from the get-go. But I’m going to be flexible here. I think it’s their way of incrementally getting what they want, which is your gun or guns.

For Limbaugh, kowtowing to anti-gun pressure will not satisfy the relentless Left:

But I know what they’re trying to do in the White House. They’re trying to remove the issue. They’re trying to take the issue away from the Democrats by agreeing to what they’re proposing. Not necessarily making it happen, just agree to it in words. You take the issue away. That’s the strategery. But the Democrats are not gonna compromise with Trump on anything! Especially now, a year and a half or less prior to the election.

The radio host sees a much bigger play in these debates. When commenting on the more radical factions of the Left, he observed that “they want your guns. They want everybody’s guns. They’re just like the communists: They want your guns. They want full confiscation, and there is no majority for that in this country.”

By conceding this ground to the Left, they will become even more emboldened and demand more concessions further down the line that bring them closer to their ultimate goal—civilian disarmament.

Red flag laws are already present in 17 states, and now appear to be at the top of the legislative agenda in the U.S. Congress.

Limbaugh nails it in his analysis.

This is a Rubicon moment for gun rights in America.

If Republicans yield to the Left on red flag laws, they will open up the floodgates for enormous gun grabs in the future.

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