Russia Accuses the United States of Being Directly Involved in the Ukrainian Conflict 

On August 2, 2022, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the United States is directly involved in the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on August 2 that the comments made by Vadim Skibitsky, a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, revealed that functionaries of the US government have been involved in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

During an interview with the Telegraph that was published on August 1, Skibitsky did not answer questions about the origin of the satellites being used for strikes when the topic of American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems came up.  

The Ukrainian official revealed that Ukrainian authorities are in touch with the US before strikes are launched. Moreover, he called attention to how the US government has veto power over decision-making.

“No other confirmation of the direct involvement of the United States in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine is required,” Zakharova stated on August 2.  She claimed that on top of arming and training Ukrainian forces, the US government “essentially shoots the weapons themselves”, per a report by TASS. 

Zakharova claimed that the US government is directly involved in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and its distance from the conflict zone is irrelevant. 

“They are fully involved. Now Kiev representatives are talking about their military involvement not only through the supply of weapons, but through personnel management in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, direct instructions and the choice of targets,” Zakharova continued.

On a prior occasion, Russia blamed the US government for organizing military operations in Ukraine, which it views as direct involvement on the US government’s part against Russia.

Vyacheslav Volodin, the chairman of the State Duma, said the following back in May:

“Washington is essentially coordinating and developing military operations, thereby directly participating in military actions against our country.” 

Volodin claims that foreign advisers have been conducting operations in Ukraine since the Euromaidan revolution of 2014.

The US and its allies in the Collective West have ramped up military support for Ukraine through the provision of economic and military aid.  

According to a New York Times report, the US government has supplied Ukrainian forces with intelligence to target high-ranking officers of the Russian military.  In addition, US intelligence agencies have provided the Ukrainian military classified and commercial satellites to track Russian troop movements.

The US is clearly prosecuting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. One that won’t result in victory for Ukraine, as it loses lots of young men and more territory in Eastern Ukraine by the day. 

Sober minds would recognize that this war in Ukraine is pointless and represents a major security failure on the part of NATO. The US not only needs to extricate itself from Ukraine but also exit NATO altogether. 

It’s time for the US government to exclusively focus on domestic problems — the kind of stuff that could actually destroy our civilization from within. 

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