Russia Becomes Largest Investor In Iran in Current Financial Year

In an interview with the Financial Times that was published on March 23, 2023, Iranian Finance Minister Ehsan Khandouzi revealed that Russia invested $2.76 billion in the current financial year making it Iran’s largest investor. 

“We define our relations with Russia as strategic and we are working together in many aspects, especially economic relations,” Khandouzi said to the Financial Times.

“China and Russia are our two main economic partners [and] Iran is going to expand its relations with them through implementing strategic agreements,” the minister stated.

Per the Iranian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the quantity of foreign direct investment in Iran reached $4.2 billion and two-thirds of the investments came from Russia in the current financial year.

Such economic trends will only strengthen in the multipolar order. Both countries are in the US national security state’s crosshairs and have been economically isolated by it in the last 40 years for their violations of international law. In reality, both countries’ controversial geopolitical maneuvers that go against the US’s hegemonic interests have earned it this dismal status. So it stands to reason that they would cooperate on economic and military matters.

This relationship will certainly deepen with the US becoming more fanatic on foreign policy. The unipolar moment is done and anytime the US tries to over-exert itself abroad, it will be met with firm resistance from the Eurasian axis. A massive military reversal could be in store for the US if it doesn’t adjust to these new realities. 

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