Russia Believes the West Will Continue to Escalate Tensions After Conflict in Ukraine

Nikolay Patrushev, the Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, believes that after the Russo-Ukrainian conflict subsides, the West will not end its proxy war against Russia. He views the United States and NATO as parties to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

“Progress in the special military operation in Ukraine indicates that the United States and NATO intend to go ahead with efforts to prolong this military conflict and that they have already become participants in it,” Patrushev said during a shipbuilding and navy conference.

Patrushev then added “even with the end of the hot phase of the conflict in Ukraine the Anglo-Saxon world will not stop their proxy war against Russia and its allies.” 

He firmly believes that the events unfolding in Ukraine are the product of many years of US preparations for a hybrid war against Russia.

“In the 21st century, using the Nazi puppet regime in Kiev, the collective West is waging a campaign against Russia,” Patrushev proclaimed. “Today’s events in Ukraine are a result of years-long preparations by the US for a hybrid war against Russia and an attempt to prevent the emergence of a multipolar world.”

Indeed, this conflict in Ukraine is part of a broader effort to undermine Russia. DC foreign policy decision-makers simply can’t cope with the reality of a multipolar world so they’ll try everything possible to undermine China, Iran, and Russia — the countries that are posing the greatest challenge to the Collective West agenda. 

With so many other internal problems such as mass migration and the proliferation of cultural degeneracy taking place in the West, the last thing this region needs is a senseless geopolitical conflict that could potentially go nuclear.

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