Russia Claims it Cannot Maintain Normal Relations With the United States Under the Biden Regime 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared in an interview with TASS that Russia and the United States are unable to maintain normal relations largely due to the Biden regime’s fanatic foreign policy outlook. 

Lavrov noted that “the Russian-US relations are in a really deplorable state as they had almost stalled due to Washington.”

“Maintaining a normal conversation with the Biden’s administration, which declares a strategic defeat to our country as one of its aims, is objectively impossible,” Lavrov observed. He added that Washington’s “confrontational anti-Russian course keeps assuming a more acute and all-embracing nature.” 

“We have been consistently explaining to Americans that it is not in our style to intentionally depreciate inter-governmental relations,” Lavrov stressed.

“However, we proceed from the stance of reciprocity under any circumstances when it comes to building a dialogue. In other words, as a rule we act according to the principle of ‘an eye for an eye,’ but not necessarily symmetrically,” Lavrov continued.

Indeed, neoliberal Democrats have become so obsessed with Russia that once they come into power it becomes next to impossible for them to form a positive foreign policy with Russia. There’s a consortium of ethnic groups from Russian Jews to Eastern European ethnics in addition to unhinged foreign policy hawks that ensure no productive changes to foreign policy with Russia are made.

These people must be expelled from the halls of power if we want to see any rational changes on the foreign policy front. 

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