Russia Congratulates Latin American Countries for Not Joining Anti-Russia Sanctions Bandwagon

On April 13, 2023, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov posted an article titled “Russia and Latin America: Forward looking partnership and cooperation” where he commended Latin American nations’ decision to not sanction Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. 

“It is no coincidence that the efforts to abandon the US dollar in foreign trade and to create an infrastructure of transport, logistics, interbank, financial and economic ties that are not controlled by the West have stepped up significantly around the world. Naturally, about three-quarters of the countries around the globe, including our Latin American friends, chose not to join the anti-Russia sanctions. We appreciated them for that,” the article stated.

Per the diplomat, “everything that is happening in and around Ukraine is part of the unfolding fight for the future international order.”

“What’s at stake today is whether the world order will be truly fair, democratic and polycentric, as the UN Charter says, which proclaims the sovereign equality of all countries, or whether the United States and the coalition that it is leading will implement their agenda at the expense of other countries including pumping resources over to suit their needs,” Lavrov continued.

“This is precisely the goal of the rules-based order concept. The Western capitals want to replace international law, primarily the UN Charter’s goals and principles, with these rules that were made up by no one knows who,” he emphasized.

“This simple truth has been realized by many countries that are implementing nationally oriented agendas and are guided, above all, by their core interests,” Lavrov said in a concluding remark.

Unsurprisingly, Latin American countries have every reason to exercise restraint on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. This conflict does not concern them. In addition, Latin America has a history fraught with tensions with the US so it will not easily bow down to its campaign against Russia to sanction it into oblivion. 

At some point, Latin America and other regions of the world will fall out of the US’s influence umbrella and start entertaining other geopolitical options.

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