Russia Cuts Deal with Taliban to Provide Millions of Tons of Food and Energy to Afghanistan

The Taliban has cut a deal with the Russian government in order to procure vital supplies to the people of Afghanistan, including oil, gas and wheat.

Acting Afghan Commerce and Industry Minister Haji Nooruddin Azizi said to Reuters that they came to the agreement after Russia offered them a discount on crucial commodity prices. It is the first major economic deal struck by the Taliban on the global stage since they reclaimed power over Afghanistan last year.

Afghanistan will receive one million tons of gas, a million tons of diesel, 500,000 tons of liquid petroleum, and two million tons of wheat per year. The deal will run for a trial period and will continue if both sides find the agreement favorable, which may result in its expansion.

“Afghans are in great need. Whatever we do, we do it based on national interest and the people’s benefit,” Azizi said.

Additionally, Afghanistan receives energy imports from Iran and Turkmenistan and has trade agreements with Pakistan, but feel bringing Russia on as a partner will improve their economic standing in the world.

“A country … shouldn’t be dependent on just one country, we should have alternative ways,” Azizi said.

Big League Politics has reported on how Western economic sanctions against Russia have backfired completely, only increasing their energy profits:

An analyst with the German Science and Politics Foundation is projecting that Russia will see the highest gas profits in history for 2022 despite sanctions from the U.S. and Western powers.

“Almost half of the Russian budget is based on transactions with oil and gas. The state earns enormously from production taxes and export duties,” said Janis Kluge, a researcher who studies primarily Eurasia-based economics.

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