Russia Does Not Want to Engage in Peace Talks with Ukraine

On January 26, 2022, Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealed that Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky has not spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin for some time now. Peskov’s statements came after Zelensky remarked that he was “not interested” in holding peace talks with Putin. 

“We know what promises Zelensky made during his presidential campaign, and it is not difficult to remember them or refresh the memory of those voters who elected him in Ukraine: he never solved the Donbass problem, he reneged on the Minsk Agreements, moreover, it turned out that he never planned to implement them, as he had been preparing for war,” Peskov stated. “This is why, let’s put it this way, he himself has long ceased to be a potential interlocutor for President Putin,” he continued.

Earlier on January 26, Zelensky revealed to Great Britain’s Sky News TV channel that he was “not interested” in peace talks with Putin, declaring that Putin became “nobody” to him following Russia’s launch of the military incursion into Ukraine. 

The Zelensky regime previously banned negotiations with Russia. Peskov subsequently said that no talks between Russia and Ukraine were possible at the moment, due to there being no conditions for those talks to be held. 

Peace talks are likely impossible in this case due to the Collective West’s fanatic commitment to arming Ukraine. This is all about turning Ukraine into a sacrificial lamb as it fights Russia to the last Ukrainian as the West continues pouring arms and economic aid to prolong this destructive endeavor. Geopolitical strategists in London and Washington have already achieved their goal of detaching Russia from Europe, albeit at a great human cost to Ukraine and massive financial costs to the Old Continent and the US.

Too bad none of this registers with the fanatics running foreign policy affairs in the Collective West. 

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