Russia Gets Wealthier as the West Loses Trillions of Dollars in the Fallout Over the Ukraine Conflict

The Global Wealth Report has shown that Russia got richer over the past year while the West lost great sums of money in the fallout over the Ukraine war.

According to the data, Russia has gotten richer by $600 billion while the U.S. and Europe have lost trillions. The number of Russian millionaires rose by 56,000 to 408,000 while the number of Russians worth $50 million rose by nearly 4,500.

The U.S. lost a stunning $5.9 trillion, and North America and Europe lost $10.9 trillion. This is another indicator that the propaganda about the nature of the Russia/Ukraine war has been false from the beginning.

Big League Politics has reported on Russia raking in massive energy profits with the Western sanctions backfiring completely:

According to estimates from Russia’s finance ministry released on June 3, 2022, Russia is projected to receive $6.37 billion in oil and gas revenues in June. This comes at a time when commodity prices have increased since Russia invaded Ukraine. 

In addition, Russian officials expect budget revenues at $10.66 billion for May and June owing to rising oil prices, which has exceeded the expectations of many energy pundits. 

Energy commodities have been rallying in the past few months, which has only been magnified in the wake of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The collective West has been sanctioning Russia left and right, with particular emphasis on its energy sector. 

However, these sanctions have had minimal effect on Russia’s oil revenues and its ability to carry out its military operation. In fact, Tsvetana Paraskova of Oil Price has noted that Russia is still raking in billions of dollars in oil and gas revenues. 

While there has been a lot of chest pounding from European countries about decoupling from Russian oil and gas. Russian oil and gas exports have continued to flow steadily to the EU. Paraskova noted that some of Russia’s biggest clients are Germany and Italy. 

The economic war the West has launched against Russia has compelled it to divert its trade to China and India. In many regards, Russia is pivoting East and embracing more of a Eurasian geopolitical and geoeconomic identity. The US must adjust accordingly and become more energy independent and focus more of its attention at home and in the Western Hemisphere (on trade matters specifically).

Putin is clowning the West. But it’s not likely that U.S. and European politicians even care considering how rich defense contractors are getting from these failed foreign policies.

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