Russia is Now China’s Largest Oil Supplier 

According to a Reuters report on June 20, 2022, Russia has now surpassed Saudi Arabia as China’s largest oil supplier. Reuters cited figures coming from Chinese customs to relay this development. 

Russian news agency TASS reported that Russian oil exports to China in the month of May increased by 55% on a year-to-year basis. 

Saudi Arabia supplied 1.84 million barrels per day to China in May. On the other hand, Russia has leapfrogged the Gulf Arab state, now that it’s supplying China roughly 1.98 million barrels per day. 

“The data, which shows that Russia took back the top ranking of suppliers to the world’s biggest crude oil importer after a gap of 19 months, indicates that Moscow is able to find buyers for its oil despite western sanctions, though it has had to slash prices,” the Reuters reporter noted.

According to Tsvetana Paraskova of, Russia has been turning to China and Russia for its crude oil sales in light of the Collective West’s efforts to wean itself off of Russian oil.

Similarly, Russia has now been estimated to have surpassed Saudi Arabia to become India’s second-largest crude oil supplier in May.

In May, the average daily rate of Russian oil exports to India was around 819,000 barrels. The previous month that figure was 277,000 barrels per day. 

Half of Russia’s crude oil exports are now going east to Asia

The Collective West is currently engaging in an economic war against Russia in efforts to crush it economically and isolate it from the rest of the globe. Thus far, those efforts have failed to yield any meaningful results. 

In fact, most western leaders are realizing that the globe is much larger than they expected. Russia can now find new trade partners in the Eurasian landmass such as China and India to fill in the gap created by the Collective West’s economic embargo waged against Russia.

Moreover, there are now more relevant actors on the world stage with distinct visions from the West.

The days of unipolarity, where liberal democracy is the only game in town, are over.

Western elites must come to grips with that and focus more on domestic affairs. 

The West’s internal rot, not countries rejecting liberal democracy, presents the biggest threat to these civilizations.

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