Russia Scapegoats the United States for Europe’s Energy Crisis 

Russia recently blamed the United States government for kicking off an energy crisis in Europe. According to a Press TV report, Russia believes the US is encouraging European leaders to make “suicidal” moves such as sanctioning Russia for its military incursion in Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blamed the US for causing the energy crisis in Europe during the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on August 6, 2022. Her statements came after Russia shut down its Nord Stream 1 pipeline that supplied Russian gas to Europe. She alluded to the US-led sanctions in addition to technical problems for the pipeline’s shutdown.

Zakharova claims that the US has had a long-term strategy of completely destroying energy ties between Russia and major European actors, such as Germany. Since the Soviet era, Russia has been a reliable energy supplier to Europe

“The dominance of Washington prevailed,” Zakharova said to Reuters. “Political forces were brought to power in the European Union who are playing the role of ‘sheep-provocateurs.'”

“It is absolute suicide but it seems they will have to go through this,” she continued.

When she was asked about what is needed to take place for Nord Stream 1 to get back online, Zakharova snapped, “Listen, you are asking me questions that even children know the answer to: those who started this need to finish this.”

The Russian gas heavyweight Gazprom halted all natural gas flows to Europe through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline on August 31.

The EU has blamed Russia for cutting off natural supplies in response to the sanctions. However, Russia has insisted that the natural gas shutdown was carried out due to the technical maintenance of the pipeline being a difficult task for Gazprom.

Europeans are in for a rough winter. Mass inflation combined with rising energy prices will put a massive strain on Europe’s working class.

Those are the costs of being allied with the ideologically fanatic state that is the US. Europe is a continent that has been home to great diplomatic heavyweights such as Otto von Bismark and Klemens von Metternich. It’s high time that Europeans channel this legacy of diplomatic prowess in order to end the needless bloodshed taking place in Ukraine.

This will go a long way to bringing geopolitical stability to Europe while also protecting European workers from the harsh economic elements.

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