Russia To Join Allies For Joint Military Exercises In America’s Backyard

Tangopaso, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In response to continued aggression by the Biden regime and other Western leaders, 10 nations will join Russia, China and Iran this August to participate in joint military exercises in Latin America, right in the backyard of the United States.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will be hosting the drills, called the Sniper Frontier competition, in his country — a 4-hour flight from the U.S. mainland. The drills are an expanded version of exercises held earlier this year with Russia, China and Iran in the Gulf of Oman just before the war in Ukraine began. The nations have reportedly been conducting the preparatory naval drills since 2019, when the countries began to coordinate in the Indian Ocean.

According to a Washington Free Beacon report, a think tank following the situation reported that the Russian “military is prepping to bring, for the first time, some of these military games to the Western Hemisphere.”

As NATO continues to advance onto Russia’s borders, with Sweden and Finland expected to join the military alliance very soon, Russia and its allies are planning serious military exercises with anti-American regimes not far from the shores of the United States.


The drills call for a reassessment of the situation in Ukraine, one that the Biden administration is, unfortunately, unlikely to conduct. While an energy crisis, potential war with Russia and predicted food shortages — that could cause suffering, death and political instability across the world — are a significant threat to Americans, the message sent by these coordinated military exercises being conducted in the backyard of the U.S. represents a new stage in escalating tensions that should give pause to any responsible decision-maker.

China and Russia have pulled ahead of the U.S. in hypersonic technology, as shown by a recent failure of an American military test to catch up to the technological leaps of the two great powers. Both China and Russia have successfully tested and deployed hypersonic weapons systems for use in the field. Hypersonic missiles are able to evade all known U.S. missile defense technologies, meaning that both Russia and China are capable of delivering nuclear strikes on U.S. soil in a way that the United States military would not be able to defend against.

The military bureaucracy and globalist policymakers have ignored the repercussions of instigating, funding and arming a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, choosing to risk the standard of living and lives of millions across the globe in pursuit of a punitive and Russophobic foreign policy.


Since at least 2008, the U.S. has been aware that Russia views NATO membership for Ukraine as an unacceptable security situation — one similar to the U.S. security situation presented by Russian nuclear submarines and missile launchers stationed in nearby Venezuela. The fear of potential violence and civil war in Ukraine, and the destabilization this would cause in the region, is the known reason for Russian leadership’s estimation that NATO’s continued eastward expansion is a threat to their national security.

Yet, despite this, the U.S. has continued to meddle in the affairs of Ukraine, ignoring Russian warnings and troop movements with no intention of taking Russia’s legitimate security concerns seriously. And, as a result of the current American regime pushing Russia away, the nation has been pushed into alliances across the world with a shared disdain for the U.S.-dominated international order.

And now, the Biden regime will be forced to allow two strong nuclear powers to conduct military drills with Iran and 10 other hostile nations less than 1,500 miles from U.S. shores.


The West needs to hear the voices of reason imploring its leaders to negotiate a peaceful end to this conflict with a Russian government that is seeking a place in the international community. This conflict can only get worse; so, Western leaders need to engage in good-faith negotiations before a point of no return is reached.

Ukraine can’t win a war against Russia. The only question is how many lives will be lost and how much damage to the U.S. military and economy Americans will suffer before this failing administration and its allies in Congress put the American people — and innocent lives across the globe — above their political careers and investment gains. 

The world is sleepwalking toward a historic conflict. If the citizens of the world remain complacent, its leaders will continue their march, and likely reach their destination.

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