Russia Views NATO and the United States as its Main Security Threats 

According to a new naval doctrine that the Russian Federation recently approved, the United States government’s perceived goal to dominate the seas and NATO expansion are the biggest threats Russia is facing. 

This 55-page document, which was signed on Russian Navy Day on July 31, 2022, indicated that the “main challenges and threats” to national security and development were the US government’s “strategic objective to dominate the world’s oceans” and NATO military infrastructure encroaching on Russia’s borders.

“Russia’s independent internal and external policy faces counter-measures from the United States and its allies, who aim to preserve their dominance in the world, including its oceans,” the doctrine stated.

Press TV reported that several of the Eurasian powers such as China, Iran, and Russia have criticized NATO expansion and the Collective West’s haughty ambitions to project influence across the Eurasian landmass. Many leaders from this region believe that the alliances should have been dissolved following the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

In Russia’s view, NATO is an existential threat.

Russia’s naval strategy statement comes against the backdrop of Russia’s special military operation, which was launched on February 24, 2022. Russia perceived a potential Operation Storm scenario kicking off in the Donbass breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. Namely, one where the Ukrainian military attempted to take back these two republics — an event that Russia would not tolerate.  

This military incursion has thoroughly angered the Collective West, which sees the entire planet as one gigantic shopping mall dominated by countries like the United States and regional blocs/alliances such as NATO and the European Union. No other countries outside of this Western-dominated are allowed to carve out a sphere of influence. 

But that does not register with the elites in the Collective West. This is most apparent with their unhinged campaign to dump all manner of weapons and economic aid into Ukraine to give Russia a bloody nose. 

In this new naval doctrine, Russia plans to strengthen its position in the Arctic — a region of significant geopolitical importance due to its untapped mineral resources — and maintain “strategic stability” in the area by shoring up the Russian Navy’s northern and Pacific fleets.

The new naval doctrine Russia put forward aims to create a “safe and competitive” sea route from Europe to Asia. This passage would be known as the Northeast Passage, and would be established through Russia’s Arctic coastline. One of the Russian navy’s goals is to ensure that this passage works year round. 

Thus far, countries like Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the United States have claims to the potential wealth of the Arctic Ocean. 

Polar geopolitics is perhaps the next theater of potential conflict for Russia and the Collective West. If Russia were able to fully tap into the resources of the Arctic, it could potentially go from regional power to borderline superpower status. 

That kind of scenario likely freaks out many of the armchair geopolitical strategists in Washington DC. The reality is that Russia, weak or strong, is no threat to America. America’s primary threats are internal in nature — open borders, political correctness, and a society that is permissive towards deviancy. 

Ultimately, the US will need to get its priorities straight. 

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