Russian Ambassador to the United States Accuses the United States Government of Crossing all of Russia’s Red Lines

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov declared in a recent interview on the Rossiya-24 TV channel that the US government has crossed all of Russia’s red lines in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

“They [the Americans] have long crossed all these red lines,” Antonov said in response to the question.

Antonov alluded to the controversial Nord Stream incident, which he believes “that it’s not an individual or a group that is behind this act of sabotage but a government, which has technological capabilities and specially trained people.”

Antonov alluded to the dire nature of Russo-American relations, which TASS reported on below:

The Russian-American relations are in an extremely bad shape. […] Nevertheless, I am firmly convinced that Russia and the US are doomed to at least talk about problems of strategic stability.

Antonov stated that the US’s hostile rhetoric towards Russia hasn’t changed.

“I have to admit that no changes happened in rhetoric of the White House, the Department of State and, most importantly, the Pentagon. There is still only one goal: to pressure Russia, to impose new sanctions, to demolish Russia,” the diplomat said.

Antonov stressed that Russia seeks to continue building constructive relations with any functionaries and public officials in the US government despite the present hostility between Russia and the Collective West.

With the 2022 midterms around the corner, Antonov was asked about which party he would prefer to see winning on November 8. The Russian emissary emphasized that elections are the US’s internal affairs and Russia has no intention of interfering whatsoever. 

“It’s up to the Americans who they choose. <…> We will try to build pragmatic, equitable relations with any people who will be in the White House, the Capitol and the State Department,” Antonov remarked.

As the US dumps inordinate amounts of military aid and provides copious amounts of intelligence to the Ukrainians, it’s become abundantly clear that it’s not a neutral actor in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Sober minds would do everything possible to stop the deployment of military aid to Ukraine, but that will take a full-blown America First takeover of the US Congress for that to happen. 

A tough task to pull off no matter how once slices it. 

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