Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu Says NATO has Double Troop Presence in Central and Eastern Europe

Earlier this week, Sergey Shoigu, Russia’s Defense Minister, claims that NATO has increased the number of troops deployed to Central and Eastern Europe by over twofold. 

Shoigu made this observation at a board meeting of the Russian and Belarusian defense ministries that was held on November 2, 2022.

“Troops from non-regional NATO countries have been deployed to Eastern and Central Europe, as well as to the Baltic states. New multinational battalion tactical groups are being formed in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. The number of these forces has risen by 2.5 times since February 2022, exceeding 30,000, and may increase further in the near future,” Shoigu observed.

The Russian Defense Minister stated that the increase in NATO units “will put Russia’s allies in danger, first and foremost, our brotherly country of Belarus.”

Indeed, the Collective West is not deescalating the conflict with Russia anytime soon. The United States and the United Kingdom will likely double down on the “New Europe” strategy of bolstering Eastern Europe in efforts to contain Russia. In reality, Eastern European nations that are involved in this balancing coalition against Russia will be offered up as sacrificial lambs in the case that a hot conflict between Russia and NATO-aligned Eastern European states pops off.

While it’s understandable why several Eastern European nations have historical grievances with Russia. However, such historical animosity should not propel the US to get itself entangled in a conflict a thousand of miles away.

Unfortunately, DC policymakers have other plans in mind much to the detriment of American interests and foreign stability. Undeniably, it’s time for the US to pursue a foreign policy of realism and restraint. That’s long overdue.

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