Russian Diplomat Claims the Biden Regime is Still Stuck in a Cold War Mindset

Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov declared in an article published by Newsweek that American foreign policy decision-makers are still operating on Cold War logic.

“Washington seems to need to constantly assert itself through competition with Russia. It looks as if the ‘ghost’ of the Soviet Union is still haunting the corridors of power in the American capital, and the ‘Сold War’ has not ended at all,” Antonov proclaimed.

In light of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the diplomat noted that it was much easier for the US Deep State to rally American and broader Western society around the image of a “foreign enemy that undermines the values of the democratic world.” 

“At the same time, one can always shift the blame for its own problems and miscalculations onto the Russian Federation and use Russia to justify its unprecedented military spending.” Antonov argued that “under the pretext of the developments in Ukraine, the administration is ruining mutually beneficial ties between Russia and Europe, making the latter fully dependent on Washington.”

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Antonov contended that the US deliberately worked “to create an anti-Russian foothold on the Ukrainian territory” through governmental and non-governmental mechanisms such as NATO expansion and the use of NGO networks to spread its influence abroad and destabilize Russia. Per the diplomat, it “encouraged hostility towards everything Russian.”

Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine on February 24 has propelled the West to double down on its anti-Russia push by sanctioning and effectively deplatforming Russia from the Western economic system. 

While Western ruling classes cheer on these sanctions efforts, they have largely blown up in the face of Western countries in the form of higher energy prices. Europe in particular is getting rocked and could be on the verge of experiencing a wholesale reduction in its living standards due to this energy crunch. 

The US, while taking somewhat of a beating on the energy price front, now has more influence in European affairs as these countries will turn to it for liquefied natural gas and are now more reliant on the US military-industrial complex for defense purposes.

Overall, the West should reconsider its approach to Russia and look for a negotiated settlement that addresses Russia’s security concerns, while maintaining Ukrainian sovereignty, especially in the majority Ukrainian part of Western Ukraine. 

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