Russian Diplomat Criticized NATO-Led Exercises for Destabilizing the Balkans

On May 24, 2023, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova criticized large-scale NATO exercises in Kosovo and described them as acts of anti-Serbian incitement and subversion.

“Picking Kosovo, a major hotbed of tensions in the Balkans, as a location for large-scale maneuvers provides yet more proof that this is both an incitement against Serbia and subversion of the fundamental basis for resolving the Kosovo crisis,” Zakharova declared.

Per Zakharova, “under the cover of false statements about strengthening regional security,” the United States and its NATO satrapies are intentionally undermining stability in the Balkans, “exacerbating the dividing lines and increasingly putting the local population on edge given the threats emanating from the outside.”

NATO hates Serbia. It views Serbia  as an appendage of Russia due to its shared Orthodox confession and traditional alliance with it. For that reason, a small country such as Serbia is an easy country for NATO to bully. It can transform another country into a liberal automaton while also sticking it to Russia by undermining a country that has traditionally been aligned with it. 

That’s how a hideous geopolitical monstrosity like NATO operates these days.

If the world wants to enjoy geopolitical stability, the US must leave NATO once and for all. The Europeans must be the ones who will decide what their security will look like

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