Russian Diplomat Dismisses Rumors of Iran Supplying Drones to Russia

At a UN Security Council meeting on July 6, 2023,  Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya declared that the “evidence” of the alleged use of Iranian drones in Ukraine is absurd.

“The supposed ‘photo evidence’ is completely ridiculous. A ‘photo’ of [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky in front of what was said to be a Shahed drone went viral in the media. The drone in question is three meters long and has a wingspan of two meters,” Nebenzya highlighted. “That said, the Ukrainian president must be about two and half meters tall. Internet users have long made fun of the photo. Other pieces of physical evidence include an unclear photo of some wreckage with no indications of its Iranian origin,” the Russian envoy continued.

“Judging by the language of letters and the (UN) document, even their authors aren’t sure that their conclusions are justified,” Nebenzya highlighted. “The choice of words seems to be aimed at removing the responsibility from London for the reliability of the information provided to the UN Security Council. This is what references to some initial assessments point to, which make it clear that the UK had not even been able to complete the so-called examination of the alleged drones,” he stated.

Per Nebenzya, the Iranian drone speculation is designed “to fill reports by the UN secretary general the Council’s 2231 facilitator with negativity since there are no objective facts, distracting attention from violations by the Western parties of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [on Iran’s nuclear program] and US violations of Resolution 2231.” 

Whether or not Iran is supplying Russia with drones is the subject for a long debate. One thing is clear though: The Russo-Iranian alliance is here to stay. The US’s hostile foreign policy towards both countries  — via its funding of subversive elements to undermine the respective regimes, sanctions imposed on the regimes, and the deployment of military assets to encircle these countries  — has naturally brought the two countries together. This alliance will continue to strengthen as the Collective West grows more fanatics in its foreign policy ambitions directed against Iran and Russia. 

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