Russian Diplomat Proclaims that the Goal of the Collective West is to Weaken and Break-Up Russia

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya stated on September 27, 2022 that the aim of the Collective West is to debilitate and dismember Russia. From there, Collective West wants Russia to fully submit to it, per Nebenzya’s statement at the September 27 meeting of the UN Security Council.

“Everyone understands perfectly well that the only goal of the West and the current standoff near our very border is to weaken Russia as much as possible, while its strategists dream of dismembering it and forcing it into submission,” he stated.

“Again and again, throughout different periods in history, we defended our right for freedom, the right to follow our own path. Our people remember history, remember how hard it was to achieve that,” Nebenzya added. “Just like decades and centuries ago, we are ready to defend the interests of our fatherland and protect the weak. This is in our genes, and no Western propaganda, no intricate political technologies can change that”.

Nebenzya’s claims are not so outlandish. BLP previously reported on several Western figures’ desire to “decolonize” Russia and effectively break it up into smaller sub-units. That and broader regime change are part of the Deep State’s much over-arching plans with what it wants to do with Russia. 

For that reason, Russia has rational fears about Western-style encroachments on its traditional sphere of influence. It’s understandable why Russia launched its military incursion into Ukraine, regardless of what people in the West believe. 

Western policymakers need to pause and reflect. Their universalist vision for foreign policy affairs is not shared by many nations, especially by nuclear powers that are civilisation states. Instead of chasing monsters abroad, the US needs to look inward and purge its own domestic monsters. Those are the real threats to our great nation.

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