Russian Embassy Says United States is Downplaying Its Involvement in Nord Stream Attacks

The Russian embassy in the United States has blamed Washington for attempting to downplay revelatory information about its alleged involvement in carrying out the 2022 Nord Stream gas pipeline attacks.

The embassy declared in a statement posted on its Telegram messaging platform on March 29, 2023 that Washington was doing “everything possible” to impede “impartial efforts” from establishing who was actually responsible for the attacks. 

“We see this as an obvious attempt… to play down information from reputable journalists that is damaging for the United States about the likely direct involvement of American intelligence services,” the embassy said in the statement, which was published in Russian.

“We see an obvious attempt by US authorities to hide behind the backs of the allies,” it declared.

On March 27, the UN Security Council voted not to adopt a Russian proposal establishing an independent inquiry into the pipeline attacks. The US asserted that the proposal was designed to undermine the national investigations Germany, Denmark, and Sweden have been conducting. Russia announced on March 28 that it would keep pushing for an international investigation regardless.

The Nord Stream pipelines connect Russia and Germany under the Baltic Sea. In September 2022, they were struck by unexplained explosions. Russian authorities have described these attacks as an act of “international terrorism.”

Swedish and other European investigators noted that the blasts were the result of deliberate attacks. 

It may take decades to find out who actually carried out the Nord Stream attacks. One thing is clear though: The longer the US continues to arm Ukraine and prolong its conflict with Russia, the more likely major escalations will occur.

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