Russian Feminists Protest Over the Tyranny and Oppression of Men Giving Them Flowers

More calamitous than most airborne pathogens, the mind virus known as feminism has all but doomed the West as birth rates plunge and cultural degeneracy has taken hold.

No nation is immune from this plague, not even Russia under the heavy hands of autocratic leader Vladimir Putin.

“As we like to joke: what does a girl need to maintain her figure?” Putin quipped on the official Kremlin’s Instagram account. “Three things: a trainer, a masseuse and a suitor.”

In Russia, International Women’s Day is an event where women are celebrated, pampered and otherwise adorned. They are showered with gifts, heaped with praise, and men happily bend over backward to make it happen.

While this may seem like a show of good faith to the ladies, this represents another symbol of the overbearing patiarachy to Russian feminists.

The fake news media of Russia, the Kommersant, ran a headline of “Thank you for the flowers, but I demand respect” on Friday to stoke tensions between the sexes.

An unhinged feminist even committed a violent hate attack against a man for merely trying to deliver flowers on International Women’s Day:

The feminists got even more bold and violent from there with their displays. They performed a mock burial of a man among a great deal of flowers with a synthetic prop representing his genitalia ripped off.

They are determined to end chivalry and drive a wedge between the sexes, just as in all countries where their toxic social movement has been successful.

The sign can be translated into English as saying, “Your flowers will grow on the grave of patriarchy.” The masked terrorista behind the display is holding a sign that refers to a famous quote popularly attributed to a medieval Russian prince meaning, “Who comes to us with a sword, dies at a sword.”

Putin has not been afraid to deploy state force to stop the subversive feminist threat in the past, particularly to stop the profane and decadent music outfit Pussy Riot.

The violence may have just emboldened these feminists who use it as more evidence of their so-called oppression. The curse of feminism continues to wage war against civilizations with no end in sight.

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