Russian Foreign Minister Praises Arab Countries for Neutral Position on Ukraine

During an address before the Middle East Conference of the Valdai International Discussion Club on February 28, 2023, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov praised Arab countries for taking balanced positions on the situation in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict despite the immense pressure they faced from the Collective West to sanction Russia for its military actions. 

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov read out Lavrov’s address before conference attendees. Bogdanov is also the presidential special envoy for the Middle East and Africa.

“We are stating with satisfaction that, despite unprecedented pressure from the US-led collective West, our Arab friends have taken a balanced position on the situation in and around Ukraine, as they are guided, first of all, by their fundamental national interests,” the address stated.

Lavrov stressed how positive relations with Middle Eastern and North African countries is a priority for Russia’s foreign policy. “Strengthening a trust-based dialogue and diverse mutually beneficial cooperation with each of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as multilateral associations operating in the Middle East space, are among the unconditional strategic priorities of Russia’s foreign policy,” the Russian foreign minister said.

“Russian diplomacy will continue to work to make the Middle East a zone of security, stability and prosperity. We will continue to help to overcome crisis situations, take part in the post-conflict reconstruction of the affected countries,” Lavrov added.

The hubris of American foreign policy elites has blinded them to the fact that most of the world does not share its universalist foreign policy vision. Many Arab countries are skeptics of the US’s woke politics and want nothing to do with a country that is constantly hand-wringing about human rights and imposing degenerate values through the NGO industrial complex. 

As a result, Arab countries will exercise their options with the emerging powers such as China and Russia, who will gladly trade with them without having to worry about them imposing their values on their jurisdictions. In a multipolar environment, countries will simply have more options for strategic partners, and the US will constantly be given the cold shoulder if it doesn’t readjust its foreign policy priorities.

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