Russian Foreign Minister Says Ukraine Conflict Signals End of Reigning Globalist Order

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Newsweek earlier this week that the current globalist order, dictated by the U.S., NATO, the U.N., IMF, World Bank, and similar entities, are coming to an end.

Lavrov states his opinion that the Western powers have overreached, and the world has had enough of their extreme belligerence and hypocrisy.

“Those whom we believed to be trustworthy economic partners have chosen illegitimate sanctions and a unilateral break-off of business ties,” Lavrov said, referring to the United States and European Union in particular.

Lavrov blamed the “persistent desire of the West led by the United States to ensure its global dominance” for causing disharmony throughout the world and said their grand ambition is “impossible for obvious reasons.”

He noted that the economic sanctions against Russia are in many ways backfiring as “increasing prices and decreasing incomes are seen in many European countries, as well as energy shortages and threats of social upheaval.”

“The routine benefits of civilization become the privilege of the rich. This is the price that ordinary citizens pay for the anti-Russian policy of the ruling elites,” Lavrov said.

“If people in the West want to act to the detriment of their own interests, we cannot keep them from doing that,” he added.

Lavrov stated that the globalist powers will not recover their hegemony in lieu of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. The end of their world order is rapidly at hand, and a multipolar world is rising where countries will not be held hostage to a singular psychotic elite.

“I do not think that in the foreseeable future they will be able to restore their credibility as business counterparts,” Lavrov said, adding that Russia will “continue working with those partners who are ready for equal, mutually beneficial cooperation, who have not been affected by anti-Russian hysteria, and they constitute the vast majority of the international community.”

Lavrov spoke of Russia’s close relations with China, which are “characterized by deep mutual trust” and explained that fostering unity with China is “an absolute foreign policy priority,” He chided globalist powers for “still living in the day before yesterday, thinking in terms of unipolarity.”

“They cannot accept the fact that the modern world is no longer West-centered. And it will never be again,” Lavrov said.

The Globalist American Empire is coming to an end and not a second too soon. The West has become decadent and depraved. May whatever comes next reject the policies of global conquest that have doomed the current globalist order.

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