Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Called NATO “Brain Dead”

On a previous occasion, French President Emmanuel Macron described the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as “brain dead.” On October 7, 2022, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov doubled down on Macron’s sentiments by declaring that NATO has gone too far in Ukraine with regards to its recent geopolitical maneuvers in Ukraine. 

According to a report by TAAS, Lavrov addressed a meeting of the United Russia party’s commission at an international forum dealing with environmental policies and sustainable development. During this meeting, Lavrov declared: “Macron at one time, diagnosed the North Atlantic alliance as being `brain dead.’ Judging from how the bloc has been grooming Kiev’s neo-Nazi regime, the disease has deteriorated far too much already.”

“As you know, a summit of the so-called European Political Community was convened yesterday at the initiative of President Macron, and after the meeting the EU’s diplomacy chief [Josep] Borrell proudly declared that a security structure has been evolving without Russia’s involvement. So, they have been toeing Kiev’s line while encouraging the insane fantasies of those who still have power there,” Lavrov continued.In Lavrov’s view, the US and its allies in the Collective West are culpable for the “dangerous spike in global tensions,” due to how they have been dialing up the volume of military aid to Ukraine, “despite his overt nuclear ambitions.”

Regardless of what one thinks about Russia’s action in Ukraine, Lavrov is 100% correct here. NATO is thoroughly brain-dead. It’s an institution that the US should no longer be a member of. NATO is the very entangling alliance that the founding generation warned about. We can live up to this spirit by exciting NATO ASAP. 

Europe’s security matters are of no concern to the US. Instead, the US should be focusing its security resources on the southern border and the Western Hemisphere. Anything outside of that, ceases to serve American interests.


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