Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Warns that Western Weapons to Ukraine are Ending Up All Over the World

On March 24, 2023, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said to the participants in the 11th International Meeting of High-Level Officials Responsible for Security Issue that a growing number of the West’s weapon shipments to Ukraine are popping up in other parts of the globe, 

“The collective West is not hiding its intention to defeat us strategically. The Kiev regime, flooded with NATO arms, is being used as an anti-Russian battering ram. That said, a share of Western supplies, an increasingly greater share, is spreading uncontrollably around the world,” he stated.

The leading Russian diplomat emphasized that NATO countries are  directly participating in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict on Ukraine’s side. “De facto, and, essentially, de jure, NATO countries are directly participating in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of Kiev. Such an irresponsible policy substantially increases the threat of a direct military clash between nuclear powers,” he proclaimed.

Lavrov called attention to how Russia keeps messaging Western capitals on the unacceptable nature of such a scenario “but these signals are either ignored or shamelessly distorted for propaganda purposes.”

“Our opponents are also upping the ante because the attempt to break Russia using Ukrainian neo-Nazis became an indivisible part of their general policy toward the revival of a unipolar world order. They are counting on getting rid of the competition so that the so-called golden billion can continue to implement its neocolonial program and drain the resources of other countries for its own benefit,” he emphasized.

The Collective West is playing a dangerous game here. By dumping tons of weapons into Ukraine, it’s increasing the potential of copious amounts of weapons falling into the wrong hands. Those are just one of many of the consequences of non-stop interventionism abroad.

Will Western policymakers be able to grasp this? That remains to be seen.

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