Russian Foreign Minister Warns US About Turning Latin America Into Another Conflict Zone

According to a statement made by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Russian government does not want Latin America to become a conflict zone between great powers

“For us, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States is a foreign policy area in its own right. We do not want your region to become an arena of confrontation between powers,” Lavrov said in an article titled “Russia and Latin America: Future-Oriented Partnership and Cooperation” published on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website.

Per Lavrov, unlike former colonial powers, Russia does not force its partners to be faced with “an artificial choice: with us or against us” and does not separate them into “friends and strangers” categories.  “We want the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to be strong politically united and economically sustainable,” Lavrov noted.

Lavrov stressed that the rapidly changing geopolitical climate has opened up new opportunities for the development of mutually beneficial partnership between Russia and Latin American nations. Per Lavrov, the countries of the region “are playing an increasingly important role in a multipolar world order.”

As the US grows more unstable both domestically and internationally, many of its traditional allies and partners will start reconsidering their relations with the US. Indeed, the US needs to uphold the Monroe Doctrine to keep great powers from establishing a military foothold in the Western Hemisphere. However, that will require the US to retrench foreign policy wise and start prioritizing national security concerns on its southern border and the Caribbean basis. 

All in all, such a scenario could only happen with a completely different ruling class in control of policy matters in the US.

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