Russian Foreign Ministry Calls Out Larger NATO Military in Arctic

As nearly all of Russia’s neighbors in the Arctic region are joining the ranks of  NATO, the alliance’s heightened presence will bolster military and political tensions and weaken international security in the region, declared Russian Ambassador-at-Large Nikolay Korchunov, who is also chairman of the Arctic Council’s Senior Officials Committee.

Per Korchunov, Russia needed to add Arctic issues into its updated foreign policy doctrine because the foreign policy situation in the region had fundamentally transformed. “Russia’s neighbors [in the Arctic region] are only unfriendly Western countries, most likely all of which will become NATO member states,” he said on the sidelines of a discussion club at the Project Office for Arctic Development on April 11, 2023.

“NATO’s ‘invasion’ of the Arctic will lead to escalated military and political tensions and impaired security, and will complicate the prospects for multilateral cooperation because many countries, including those on the Arctic Council, will have to follow directives from Brussels,” the diplomat observed.

On March 31, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his thumbs up to Russia’s new foreign policy concept, which replaced the previous version put forward in 2016. The new concept stresses how Russia is pursuing a peaceful resolution of international issues in the Arctic and will resist efforts of NATO countries to militarize the region.

In addition, the concept highlights how Russia aims to maintain peace and stability, promote ecological sustainability, and reduce the level of national security threats in the Arctic. On top of that, Russia wants to promote safe international conditions for the socio-economic development of Russia’s Arctic zone and the development of the Northern Sea Route as a leading national transport corridor that could be potentially used for international freight traffic going between Europe and Asia.

Indeed, NATO parasites want conflict everywhere. The Arctic is no exception. While Russia is not as developed as NATO nations, it’s still a nuclear power that’s willing to defend its geopolitical interests in the most controversial manner possible — through the use of force. One has to wonder if the West will ever come to grips with this harsh reality. The world’s geopolitical stability counts on this.

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