Russian Foreign Ministry Describes US Decision to Send Cluster Bombs to Ukraine as “Aggressive”

On July 8, 2023, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova declared that the United States government’s decision to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs is a clear example of an aggressive move to prolong the war in Ukraine.  .

“The decision of the [US President] Joe Biden administration to provide the Kiev regime with cluster munitions is yet another blatant manifestation of the United States’ aggressive anti-Russian policy, which is designed to protract the Ukraine conflict as long as possible and to conduct the war until ‘the last Ukrainian’,” Zakharova stated.

The diplomat called attention to how the deployment of cluster munitions to Ukraine “will in fact become an accomplice in saturating the territory with mines and will fully share responsibility for the casualties caused by explosions, including Russian and Ukrainian children.”

Zakharova added that American authorities recognize that Ukraine’s assurances to use cluster munitions in a “careful” and “responsible” manner are virtually meaningless. 

“Washington is well aware that the assurances of Ukrainian Nazis to use these indiscriminate weapons ‘in a careful’ and ‘responsible’ way are worthless. Civilians will be targeted, as it has happened every time when more and more deadly US-NATO weapon systems were sent to Ukraine,” the statement read.

“The transfer of cluster munitions is a gesture of desperation and evidence of powerlessness against the backdrop of the failure of the touted Ukrainian ‘counter-offensive’. Another ‘miracle weapon,’ which Washington and Kiev stake on without giving any thought to dire repercussions, will have no impact on the course of the special military operation, since its goals and objectives will be accomplished in full,” the diplomat said in a concluding remark.

Indeed, the Ukrainian counter-offensive has been a dud. The Russians are clearly better armed and trained compared to their smaller Ukrainian rivals. It doesn’t matter how much military aid the US deploys to Ukraine. These facts are undeniable. 

If anything, more military aid to Ukraine will likely motivate Russia to pursue a more maximalist approach to this conflict that will likely result in the absolute disintegration of the Ukrainian state. 

The only way to achieve peace in Ukraine is for the West to stop arming the Ukrainians. Instead, it should be encouraging a negotiated settlement between Russia and Ukraine. 

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