Russian Foreign Ministry: European Politicians are Bought Off By US Military Companies 

In a Telegram post published on February 28, 2023, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova declared that members of the European parliament receive money from United States military companies. 

“Corruption in the European Parliament thrives. EUObserver journalists have discovered that some MEPs received pensions, for example, from US corporations Raytheon, Honeywell International and Textron Inc – military companies that develop, produce and sell, among other items, cluster munitions,” she stated.

“It is noteworthy that the focus is on the US military-industrial complex (not even European), which is the embodiment of the term ‘dealers in death’. Moreover, as it has turned out, MEPs are sponsored with money from the sale of precisely those types of weapons which EU member-states seek ban. For some reason they do not refuse to take the money,” Zakharova continued.

She also called attention to how MEPs had invested their pension savings in the oil and gas giant Royal Dutch Shell after it experienced another oil spill from its pipeline. “How about the ‘green transition’ and nature conservation? There is a very special story about this. MEP Jutta Paulus (of Germany) directly lobbies for the interests of Boston’s NGO Clean Air Task Force. In drafting legislative amendments, she obediently and without hesitation used the documents prepared by that organization,” Zakharova said.

What the Russian diplomat stated here is 100% spot-on. The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is the biggest grift for the US military-industrial complex as European countries have willingly become some of the most reliable purchasers of American-manufactured weapons. The perceived threat of a resurgent Russia has spurred countries across Europe to boost defense spending to exorbitant levels. In turn, these countries will rely on the US for armaments and other defense infrastructure. 

As long as the Russo-Ukrainian conflict rages on, the US military industrial complex will be chugging along just fine.

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