Russian Foreign Ministry: Military Aid to Ukraine Makes NATO Party to Ukrainian Conflict 

A Russian diplomat declared earlier this month that Western military aid to Ukraine makes NATO a party to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Alexey Polishchuk, the Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second CIS Department made this argument during an interview with RTVI.

“Giving Ukraine weapons, satellite and intelligence data, participating in the planning and implementation of tactical operations, entering combat under the cover of PMC and military instructors, undoubtedly, makes NATO countries a party to the conflict,” he stated.

“The actual participation of the alliance in combat was confirmed by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock who while speaking at a January 25 Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe openly said: ‘We are fighting a war against Russia’,” the diplomat stressed.

In response to a question about whether Russia views Ukraine as a de facto member of NATO, the diplomat said that an alarming degree of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO is obvious. “Taking into account the volume of military and financial support for Kiev on the part of members of the bloc, Ukraine’s formal participation or lack thereof does not matter. Nowadays, Ukraine, even if not being a member formally, is in fact deeply integrated into the alliance because it serves as a NATO instrument, the main goal of which is to cause the utmost damage to Russia,” he proclaimed.

Per the diplomat, in order to achieve the goal of bleeding Russia out, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s regime has sacrificed hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians whom the Collective West view as “cannon fodder.” 

“Recently, there was information in media outlets that the Ukrainian army’s total losses amounted to 257,000 people,” he continued.

Indeed, the United States-led NATO cannot say with a straight face that it’s a neutral party in this conflict nor can claim its trying to defuse tensions. Its actions in sending copious amounts of military aid completely belie that.

More rational minds will need to prevail if we want any semblance of geopolitical stability to occur on the world stage. If there’s no substantial course correction here, we could be staring down the abyss of a nuclear conflict — a lose- lose situation for the entire globe. 

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