Russian General Staff Says NATO is a Vehicle for Promoting US Interests Abroad 

On December 22, 2022, Russian Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov declared that the United States uses the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as a tool to protect its geopolitical interests at the expense of European states. 

During a meeting for military emissaries of foreign nations, Gerasimov said the following: 

“The security situation in Europe continues to be seriously affected by NATO activities. The United States views the North Atlantic alliance as one of the tools to protect, namely, US interests on a global scale to the detriment of the security of European countries.” 

Gerasimov said that the rapid accession of Finland and Sweden into NATO shows that the US Deep State wants to bring NATO as close to Russia as possible.

Indeed, what the US is doing is effectively in the spirit of traditional Anglo geopolitics. Historically, the United Kingdom has pursued a strategy of divide and rule on the European continent. The goal here is to prevent a united Europe from forming and potentially posing an existential threat to the UK. The US has now embraced this same strategy. Particularly, the prevention of a potential French-German-Russian rapprochement. 

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict has allowed the US to not only prevent Russia and Germany from reconciling, but it has also disconnected Russia from Europe economically speaking, thereby making the Old Continent more reliant on costlier American liquefied natural gas in the long-term. In addition, the US will now have an even stronger control of Europe in terms of defense matters as these countries grow more dependent on the US for security services. 

Based on European countries’ actions during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, it’s abundantly clear that they’re now complete satrapies of the US and have no genuine interest in pursuing an independent foreign policy.

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