Russian Government: NATO Citizens are Engaging in Hostilities in Ukraine

On April 10, 2023, Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealed to reporters that the Russian government was  aware of  American leaked documents about NATO member nation’s involvement in Ukraine. 

“Like everyone else, we don’t know to what extent we can trust these documents,” the Russian spokesman noted. “However, long before these documents popped up, we had and still have information that many instructors from NATO countries, including the UK, as well as fighters, are taking part in combat operations,” Peskov emphasized.

The US media stated previously that the Pentagon and the US Justice Department were investigating a leak of documents with respect to the US and NATO’s plans to train Ukrainian soldiers prior to the launch of an expected offensive against Russia. Several documents on the schedules of weapons deliveries and the strength of forces were leaked to multiple social networks, which includes Telegram and Twitter.

In addition, these documents featured information regarding the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine, as well as the work of foreign instructors. 

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is a NATO vs. Russia proxy war. Anyone who denies this is not living in reality. The sad truth is that policymakers in the US won’t come to grips with this and will continue to further stoke tensions with Russia in their fanatic quest to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. 

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