Russian Government Warns that Poland’s Participation in NATO Nuclear Sharing Program Could Start World War III

The Russian government issued a firm response to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s remarks pushing for his country to participate in NATO’s nuclear sharing program, arguing that such a move would heighten the chances of World War III breaking out. 

Over the last week, Morawiecki has called on NATO to let Poland become a part of the alliance’s nuclear program as a way to counter Russia’s latest move of installing nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Morawiecki’s words caused major outrage among Russia’s political leadership. Yuri Schvytkin, the deputy chairman of the Duma’s (parliament) defense committee, cautioned that in the best case scenario the Polish prime minister’s comments would consequently escalate tensions, “but the worst case scenario was a third world war with the use of nuclear weapons.”

Schvytkin continued by noting that NATO has become increasingly bellicose and has still not grasped that in a potential conflict between Russia and NATO there would be no winners. He stressed that Russia is a nuclear power and its nuclear arsenal isn’t just there for show. 

Thus far, the Biden regime has not directly touched on Morawiecki’s calls for nukes on Polish soil. However, American authorities have stressed that the US has not changed its strategic deterrence plans. 

Last weekend, Morawiecki publicly justified his position on nuclear sharing, asserting that Poland has the right to have nuclear deterrence on its borders in response to perceived threats from the Russian state, which has recently installed nuclear weapons in Belarus. 

Any form of NATO escalation will lead to the potential outbreak of a nuclear conflict with Russia. Poland has legitimate historical grievances with Russia due to how it has been subjugated and partitioned by the likes of Imperial Russia. Similarly, Poland has been under the thumb of the Soviet Union through its membership of the Warsaw Pact.

These historical facts are undeniable. However, the real threat to Poland lies not with Russia but with the EU and Anglosphere’s mass migration and politically correct agenda that is slowly being imposed on it.  In an ideal world, Poland should pursue an independent nuclear program to ensure its sovereignty. 

However, it should pursue this policy without having to be a total NATO satrapy, which, all things being equal, will make it a sacrificial lamb for an unholy military alliance.

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