Russian National Security Chief Says NATO Countries are Party to Russo-Ukrainian War

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev believes that NATO is a party to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. In fact, he believes NATO’s goal here is to defeat Russia and sow further divisions, as he mentioned in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“In reality, NATO countries are parties to the conflict,” Patrushev emphasized. ‘They do not hide their main goal trying to prolong this military conflict as long as possible – Russia’s defeat on the battlefield and further division,” he continued.

While NATO claims to be a neutral actor in this conflict, its actions — supplying military aid to, providing intelligence to, and economically propping up Ukraine — tell a different story. 

“They’ve turned Ukraine into one big military camp. They are sending weapons and ammunition to Ukrainian forces, as well as information, using a satellite constellation and a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles. NATO instructors and advisors are training Ukrainian troops, and mercenaries are fighting in neo-Nazi battalions,” Patrushev stated.

Anyone with a respectable geopolitical IQ recognizes that the US and its satrapies in NATO are clearly parties to this conflict. They might not be directly attacking Russia in Ukraine, but they’re fomenting a proxy conflict that’s entering a dangerous gray area. There will come a point where Russia will take the gloves and start attacking NATO assets and even facilities. 

NATO is playing a dangerous game here. Russia is not Afghanistan or Iraq. It’s a nuclear power and a civilization state with great power aspirations and national interests that it will defend in resounding terms.  Should NATO continue on this dangerous path, the world could potentially be on the verge of entering a nasty nuclear conflict that there will be no returning from.

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