Russian National Security Official Speaks the Cold Hard Truth About the US’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev believes that the United States’ hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan was done to focus more of its time and resources on Ukraine. 

During an interview with, Patrushev noted that America’s occupation of Afghanistan was not the product of fighting terrorism but more focused on promoting multi-billion dollar corruption schemes and facilitating alarming levels of drug trafficking. 

“It turns out that the reasons for the Americans’ abrupt withdrawal from the country included the need to focus on Ukraine, where, in their view, the puppet Kiev regime was making successful preparations for an offensive against Russia,” Patrushev proclaimed.

Patrushev’s suspicions were apparently confirmed by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s statement where he revealed that without withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, the US would not have been able to send as much money and resources to Ukraine. “Besides, some of the equipment withdrawn from Afghanistan was relocated to Europe, mostly to Poland, which made it possible for the Europeans to militarize the Kiev regime,” Patrushev continued.

Patrushev then accused the US of effectively creating terrorist entities such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, which are considered terrorist entities and are banned in Russia. On top of that, Patrushev proclaimed that the US  “fought against them [the terrorist organizations].” “While making a show of killing some terrorist leaders like Osama bin Laden, they trained and armed hundreds of others,” Patrushev stressed.

The US is in a clear state of imperial overreach. Due to the excessive spending it engages in both domestically and internationally, the US can no longer maintain its bloated welfare/warfare state. Especially its nation-building projects. Now that the US Deep State is pursuing dual containment against China and Russia, the US will be ditching its nation-building ventures to confront two nuclear powers. 

China and Russia are no pushovers though. With the US having to confront two countries with vast nuclear arsenals and its fiscal house in total disarray, imperial decline is likely in the cards for the US in the near future if policymakers don’t reverse course.

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