Russian Official Blames NATO for Becoming Increasingly Involved in Ukrainian Conflict 

Earlier this month, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov declared that NATO member nations are becoming increasingly involved in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

During an appearance on Rossiya-24 TV, Ryabkov said the United States is purposefully escalating tensions with Russia. 

“NATO members are increasingly and directly involved in this conflict. Their support for Kiev is now much diversified than it was a few months ago. This is a reflection of Washington’s intentional policy, obediently pursued by the Europeans, of escalating the conflict. They are playing with fire. The risks are soaring,” Ryabkov declared.

Russian authorities do not believe the Collective West is capable of exercising restraint when it comes to the weapons it’s supplying to Ukraine. Currently, there are rumors that the Collective West is ready to supply Ukraine with long-range missiles capable of hitting targets in Russia. 

“The Westerners are pushing ahead with expanding the range of deliveries of ever heavier, longer-range weapons. At the same time, they slyly and deceitfully, by and large, try to create an impression that there is some kind of a border line, some kind of self-restraint in this regard. We do not see anything like that,” Ryabkov observed.

He emphasized that the Russian side was engaging in bilateral diplomatic work on the matter, mostly with unfriendly countries. The Russians have held these talks “to warn them [hostile countries] of the consequences of these steps.” Ryabkov noted that the UN Security Council is the main vehicle for pushing back against Western encroachments in the geopolitical arena.

“All diplomatic tools – demarches, protests, notes, appeals on specialized platforms, and diplomatic clashes in Vienna and in New York, where there are opportunities to drive the message home and to warn our opponents – are being used to the full extent,” Ryabkov concluded.

By continuing to send military aid to Ukraine, the Collective West is only escalating matters in Ukraine. When more lethal weapons are shipped to Ukraine, the Russians will then be compelled to take more punitive measures in Ukraine that could potentially result in its complete destruction.

If we want the Russo-Ukrainian conflict to end on relatively peaceful terms, the Collective West must stop sending military aid to Ukraine. 

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