Russian Official Says United States Government is Using Humanitarian Aid to Further Destabilize Syria

Oleg Gorshenin, the head of the Russian Inter-agency coordination headquarters on repatriation of Syrian refugees, argues that the United States government is fomenting instability in Syria through its use of humanitarian aid per a report by TASS. On top of that, Gorshenin argued that the US used the smokescreen of humanitarian aid as a means to plunder Syria of its resources. 

“We are concerned over Washington’s cynical decision to allocate, supposedly for the needs of the Syrian people, $756 million with which it plans to provide selective humanitarian aid to residents of Syrian territories not controlled by the Syrian government,” Gorshenin declared during a joint meeting of Syrian and Russian Inter-agency headquarters that was held on October 20, 2022.

The Russian official conceded that this humanitarian aid does make its way to everyday Syrian citizen, but it’s being further redistributed to local chieftains, who militias have appointed for the purpose of seizing the aid for themselves and benefiting from it.

Per Gorshenin, this US program has the aim of perpetuating instability in Syria in order to continue plundering its natural resources.

“This so-called aid only prolongs the crisis in Syria and prevents the resumption of peaceful life, because it does not satisfy the needs of all Syrians in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution,” Gorshenin stated. 

Since the Syrian Civil War popped off in 2011, the US has tried to topple the government of Bashar Al-Assad. Despite all of the US’s best efforts, it has failed to overthrow the Assad government. In large part, the support Syria has received from Iran and Russia has helped it stave off regime change efforts from the Collective West.

The US is clearly over-extended and should do everything possible to take the L and extricate itself from another potential geopolitical quagmire in the Middle East.

If the US continues its current course in Syria, it could potentially face a Beirut Barracks bombings scenario — a preventable tragedy where 241 American servicemen perished — that was brought about by foreign policy arrogance.

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