Russian President Vladimir Putin Compares Woke Left to Bolshevism, Calls for Rise of ‘Rational Conservatism’

Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling for “rational conservatism” to rise and defeat the plague of radical leftism, which he compares to the cruel and asinine Bolshevism movement that once took hold over his country.

Putin made the comments while speaking at the Valdai club forum on Thursday. He does not want the wave of degeneracy that is destroying the West to do the same in his nation.

He said that “looking at what is happening in various Western countries,” it reminds him of the follies of Russia’s past. He said that support of tolerance and diversity in countries like the U.S. and Britain has reached the point of “aggressive dogmatism on the verge of absurdity.” 

Putin also criticized the embrace of transgender dogma that is convincing children they are the opposite sex of their birth, claiming these practices are “on the verge of a crime against humanity,” adding that the LGBT movement “has become a total phantasmagoria.”

“Moderate conservatism is, in my opinion, the most reasonable course of action. Of course, it will inevitably change, but so far the medical principle of ‘do no harm’ seems to be the most rational,” he said to conclude his social critique.

Big League Politics has reported on Putin’s emergence as an unlikely defender of Western values as the far left tears apart the fabric of society at breakneck speed:

Russian President Vladimir Putin is intending to press U.S. President Joe Biden on human rights violations that are being perpetrated against Trump supporters who attended the mostly-peaceful protest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has pointed out in recent weeks how U.S. authorities are violating human rights of their dissidents, which is a criticism frequently leveled against the Kremlin by Washington D.C. elites.

“We are ready to talk, we have no taboo topics. We will discuss whatever we think is necessary. We will be ready to answer the questions that the American side will raise. This also applies to human rights,” Lavrov said during a press conference that took place on Monday in Moscow.

“For example, we are following with interest the persecution of those persons who are accused of the riots on January 6 this year,” Lavrov continued, adding that “a lot of really interesting things are happening from the point of view of the rights of the opposition and protecting those rights” in the U.S

Russia is taking a stand for Trump supporters at a time when most Republican politicians are either silent or cheering on Democrat oppression against them. Even if it’s for mere geopolitical points on the world stage, the fact that Putin , of all people, can claim more concern for dissidents than the current leadership of the United States is a remarkable sign of the times.

Even if one disagrees with Putin’s heavy-handed tactics as Russian leader, it is hard to disagree with his common sense sentiments against modern psychotic leftism.

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