Russian Secretary of Security Council Declares that Russia is Fighting NATO in Ukraine

Nikolay Patrushev, the Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, declared that NATO is actually fighting Russia in Ukraine in a statement he made on October 5, 2022 per TAAS.

“While liberating the people of Ukraine from Neo-Nazism, Russia is today fighting not only against nationalist formations and the Ukrainian military. Actually, the NATO alliance is fighting against us and its members are providing the Kiev regime with heavy weapons, ammunition and reconnaissance data and training military specialists,” the Russian security chief declared.

Patrushev called attention to how NATO member states “are involved in planning military operations and are blackmailing with the use of weapons of mass destruction.”

“These are not empty threats. The United States and its allies have long been implementing their plans to create biological weapons in laboratories set up across the world, in particular, near Russian borders. Some laboratories, as we know, were located in Ukraine and were used to create especially dangerous pathogens,” Patrushev detailed.

“Therefore, implementing the tasks of the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine is an imperative for neutralizing the threats to the security of our people and people on liberated territories and for protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation,” Patrushev said in a concluding remark.

Indeed, the US is playing a dangerous game in Ukraine. US foreign policymakers think they can have their cake and eat it too by providing military aid, economic assistance, and intelligence to Ukraine, while claiming to be a non-involved actor in this conflict. In reality, they’re very much co-belligerents in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, which could see NATO and its satellite states potentially face retaliatory actions from Russia. 

No question that Russia is exercising considerable restraint here. But if NATO continues pumping aid and intelligence into Ukraine that’s designed to bog Russia down in a geopolitical quagmire, Russia may feel the need to respond in a militaristic fashion to demonstrate to the West that it’s willing to use resounding force to defend its interests. 

Hopefully, US policymakers come to their senses and decide to cut aid to Ukraine. Doing so could potentially stop a great power tragedy from occurring.

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