Rutgers University Professor on White People: “We Gotta Take These Motherf****** Out”

A Rutgers University professor is facing criticism from human rights advocates after urging the audience of an online interview in support of critical race theory to “take these mother******* out,” speaking in express reference to white people.

Dr. Brittney Cooper, a tenured professor of left-wing studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey, made the demand in an interview with The Root’s Michael Harriot.

Cooper issued a series of insults and allegations at white people in the video, pointing to members of the race as responsible for what she claims is violence and oppression in the world.

The world didn’t start when white people arrived in America and tried to tell all the rest of us how things are going to go,” she said. “There were people out here making worlds – Africans and indigenous people being brilliant, and libraries, and inventions, and vibrant notions of humanity, and cross-cultural exchange long before white people showed up being raggedy and violent and terrible and trying to take everything from everybody.

The thing I want to say to you is that we gotta take these motherfuckers out, but like, we can’t say that, right?,” Cooper added.

I don’t believe in a project of violence. I truly don’t,” she said. “Because in the end, I think our souls suffer from that. And I do think some of this is spiritual condition.”

But I do fundamentally believe that things that have a beginning have an ending. All things that begin end. White folks are not infinite and eternal, right?” Cooper said. “They ain’t going to go on for infinity and infinity. And that’s super important to remember that white colonialism and imperialism has a beginning. And in my way of thinking about the world, that means it has an end.

Cooper went on to reveal that she “wouldn’t be mad” at black people who would hypothetically seek some form of ‘revenge’ on white people, although she didn’t find such behavior to be ideal.

Cooper claimed that “White people are committed to being villains,” arguing that they only stand a worldview that precludes dominating others or being dominated.

The term ‘hate speech’ is legally null, politically charged, and potentially a threat to the First Amendment concept of free speech, but if it does exist, the words of this left-wing racist seem like a prime example of it. Previous uses of incitement and hatemongering targeting demographic groups, such as Nazi propaganda targeting Jews, almost seems subtle in comparison to Cooper’s speech, which openly announces the major academic’s hatred towards members of another race.

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