SAD: Former Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Goes on Fox News to Whine About Being Fired

Failed former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale has an ax to grind, and he has taken to globalist Fox News to spread nonsense about why he was let go from the campaign earlier this year.

Parscale appeared on “The Story with Martha Maccallum” on Monday where he appeared oblivious and unable to understand exactly why Trump canned him.

“We had a plan. We had a lot of confidence in the plan, and it was unfortunate that we diverged from the plan right as we came down the stretch,” Parscale said.

Parscale made it clear though that he does not accept the fake news that President Trump lost the election. He believes that Trump has a case to overturn the steal based on the documented fraud and anomalies that occurred during the election.

However, Maccallum quickly diverted the conversation back to Parscale’s complaints over his firing.

“I was hurt…I didn’t get a warning sign, really. Nobody asked me to change my plan. Nobody asked me to do anything different. I don’t know exactly why I was removed and why all of a sudden we had to challenge the plan,” he said.

“They paused the plan. Eventually went back to it, but…I’ve had a lot of time to plan,” he added – crediting the success of President Trump in 2016 to the work of himself and Jared Kushner.

A clip from the interview can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported on Parscale’s gross incompetence and squandering of funds that put President Trump’s campaign in a big hole early in the re-election race:

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale is getting criticized harder than ever after the rally fiasco in Tulsa, Okla. on Saturday.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has bragged about far-left activists using TikTok to trick the campaign into bragging about an inflated number of ticket requests for the rally, which drew considerably less than capacity…

While Ocasio-Cortez wants to brag about TikTok youngsters sabotaging the rally, it was really Parscale’s own incompetence that resulted in the embarrassment…

“I think people liked the myth that teenagers could take down the Trump Death Star, but I would not be surprised that the Trump campaign was seeing those numbers and decided they didn’t need to do follow-up calls because their numbers were so good,” veteran digital staffer Melissa Ryan said about Parscale’s rally snafu.

“If you’re doing campaign data, you should be able to realize when your system is getting gamed. If you’re getting a flood of signups, if your first instinct is to announce it on Twitter rather than check the tires, that’s just incompetence,” Ryan added.

All sides of the Trump movement are apparently getting fed up with Parscale’s incompetence as well. Former Trump 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski spoke out publicly about comedy of errors that were made due to Parscale’s woeful stewardship of the campaign.

“I think a fundamental mistake was made,” Lewandowski said. “Overpromising and underdelivering is the biggest mistake you can make in politics.”

“I lived this as you know, I did this when candidate Trump was running. We won 38 primaries and caucuses under my stewardship, obviously all due to Donald Trump, but we never did something like this,” he continued, referring to the 2016 campaign when he was at the helm.

“And what that means is we have to go back and re-evaluate the system in which people were getting those tickets and determining if they were real, if they were robots, and putting additional protocols in place so this doesn’t happen again,” Lewandowski added.

Even Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, the power couple known as “Javanka,” are angry at Parscale over his failures. Javanka has been close with Parscale, backing up his rise within the Trump White House, since before the 2016 campaign when Parscale was a website builder for Trump with zero political experience.

“Jared and Ivanka are pissed at Brad over promising on crowd size,” a campaign source close to Javanka reportedly said following the rally.

As well-intentioned as he may be, Parscale has shown himself to be a severe liability to the “America First” movement at every turn.

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