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Saints Quarterback Drew Brees Plasters Name of Alleged Rapist Jacob Blake Onto Helmet in Practice

Blake is being charged with sexual assault.



New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees wore a decal with the name of ‘Jacob Blake’ on his helmet during the team’s practice on Thursday, choosing to celebrate the name of the Wisconsin man who was shot by Kenosha police seven times while resisting arrest.

Brees was commemorating the name of a man who is currently facing charges of third degree sexual assault, from an incident in which he’s accused of making a home invasion into the home of an ex-girlfriend, stealing property, and sexually assaulting her.

The police report detailing the felony charges pending against Blake recount the alleged incident.

The warrant for Blake’s arrest has been vacated as the 29-year old continues to receive treatment at an area hospital, but the criminal charges pending against him remain in place.

Brees had earlier bowed in submission to an online Black Lives Matter mob, after stirring a controversy for his defense of standing for the national anthem. He almost instantly caved to the demands of progressive activists, apologizing for his “insensitive comments.” Since then, he’s sought to move into the good graces of fervent leftists through the display of pro-Black Lives Matter and social justice propaganda.

Brees had apparently opposed the disrespect that left-wing athletes have shown the American flag and national anthem at one point, but all it has taken to impose his submission to the radical protest and riot movement is some light social media criticism.

What a feckless coward. It’s time for conservatives to cut out the empty entertainment that is professional sports and overpaid athletes from their lives.


Ohio High School Football Players Reinstated After Suspension For Entering Field With Thin Blue Line, American Flags

Why were they even suspended?



Two Little Miami, Ohio high school football players who were suspended from their team for entering a game while carrying the Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line(commemorating firefighters) flags have been freed from suspension, after community members expressed outrage at the punishment of the two young men.

Jarad Bentley and Brady Williams had been given an indefinite suspension from the Little Miami High School football team for carrying the two flags onto the field before a game, apparently violating a rule against political symbols. The two seniors reject the notion that they were making a political statement, and one of the boys had spoken of his intention to honor first responders, such as his own father, on the anniversary of 9/11.

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After concerned parents and community members organized a protest event to stand with Williams and Bentley, the Little Miami School Board reversed its decision, freeing the senior players from suspension.

The President of the school board seemed keen to establish that the institution “supports police,” perhaps feeling the pressure from angry parents displeased to see the patriotic young men kicked from the football team for an innocuous display of patriotism.

They still might face some consequences, and reportedly team officials had commanded the players not to enter the field with the flags. Their punishment will be settled within the athletic department’s code of conduct.

College and high school sports teams put on elaborate displays in support of the left-wing Black Lives Matter movement all the time. Pro-police and firefighter flags are not a political statement by a long shot. This suspension never should’ve been issued in the first place.

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