San Diego County Orders Workers at Grocery Stores to Wear Masks

San Diego County is now requiring employees who frequently interact with the general public to put on face coverings, according to a report from the LA Times.

This is the latest measure taken in California to prevent the Wuhan Virus from spreading.

Los Angeles, Riverside County, and the Bay Area have advised city dwellers to wear a form of face covering when conducting essential business.

San Diego County’s order, which goes into effect on April 4, 2020, will have “all employees who may have contact with the public in any grocery store, pharmacy or drug store, convenience store or gas station shall wear a cloth face covering as described in the California Department of Public Health guidance for face coverings.”

California officials believe that face coverings can prevent people from contracting the Wuhan Virus or infecting others. However, they made clear that it should not be a replacement for social distancing, hand washing and other measures.

“Face coverings could provide some additional protection against COVID-19, but Californians should not have a false sense of security if they choose to wear them. Make sure you’re also staying six feet away from other people if you have to leave your home to get groceries or prescriptions,” Dr. Mark Ghaly, secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency, declared in a statement.

This represents a more reasonable measure to handle the Wuhan Virus, rather than having cities go through a full-blown lockdown.

California has already attempted to implement several unreasonable measures that infringe on gun rights, such as deeming gun stores “non-essential” business.

However, this new mask measure is much more level-headed and a sign that policymakers are starting to become more sensible on these issues.

Hopefully, more municipalities and states follow suit.

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