San Francisco Police Will No Longer Respond to Non-Criminal Calls

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced that the city’s police department will no longer respond to calls that aren’t reporting criminal conduct at a Thursday press conference, with the ultra-progressive city instead opting to dispatch some form of trained professional to deal with a variety of situations.

The police department will also be required to liquidate its inventory of military-style rifles, potentially leaving the city vulnerable to a potential terrorist attack in which criminals outgun police with commonly available civilian firearms.

The mayor announced her plan to remove the option of police response to “non-criminal” 911 calls in a press release.

In order to limit unnecessary confrontation between the SFPD and the community, San Francisco will work to divert non-violent calls for service away from SFPD to non-law enforcement agencies.”

In great part because of a wildly inequal economic model in which liberal technology industry employees reap the rewards of the 21st century economy and everyday citizens are gouged by increasing costs of living, San Francisco has one of the worst homeless problems in the United States. Police will no longer respond to calls relating to illegal homeless occupancy of private property, potentially serving to push San Francisco’s few remaining middle-class residents away from the city and the risks of being left to the whims of the city’s underclass.

Police will also be largely prohibited from entering public schools under the mayor’s police reforms, opening a wide window for a wave of criminal activity and violence without repercussions.

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