San Francisco Puts Criminals Before Law-Abiding Citizens, Here’s The Latest Move

On May 7, 2020, Mayor London Breed revealed a plan to lease out hotel rooms for a number of inmates who would been homeless had they been released from jail and left on their own.

About 51 people who are either waiting to go on trial or who have been given the go ahead to be let out of jail will receive a room under a joint partnership involving the Adult Probation Department, the San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project, and other entities.

San Francisco has recently used vacant hotel rooms to house vulnerable segments of the city’s population during the Wuhan virus pandemic and allegedly curtail the spread of the Wuhan virus.

“We’ve moved over 1,100 people into hotels and we’re continuing to move more vulnerable and homeless residents into these rooms every day,” Breed remarked in a statement. “This is yet another innovative effort to respond to these unprecedented circumstances.”

Criminal justice reformers have obsessed about inmates during this pandemic and are afraid that that the virus could spread in jails.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, Chief Adult Probation Officer Karen Fletcher revealed in a statement that the criminals will have “access to case management, supportive services and basic necessities including food, clothing and hygiene kits.”

“The program provides a platform for change with a shared vision that focuses on client needs and supports their success, while ensuring public safety,” Fletcher remarked.

Cities like San Francisco would rather promote social dysfunction as opposed to finding common sense ways to combat the virus while preserving civil liberties and maintaining public order.

This is par for the course for the modern-day Left, which is exploiting this virus for political gain. In neighboring San Jose, the local government attacked the right to bear arms by issuing a shutdown order on gun stores.

The Wuhan virus saga is showing Americans which jurisdictions actually care about preserving freedoms and which ones want to engage in tyrannical social experiments.

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